UL Assessment Committee Charter

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The purpose of the University Life Assessment Committee (ULAC) is to review and advise on assessment policies and practices that promote student learning and development.

Authority and Responsibilities

The ultimate oversight of divisional assessment, evaluation, research, and strategic planning rests with the Office of UL Assessment and the Department of UL Operations and Planning.

ULAC serves primarily in an advisory capacity by:

  • Providing feedback and recommendations on assessment policies and procedures
  • Identifying areas of needed assessment training and support
  • Assisting in recognizing high-quality unit assessment
  • Reviewing the ULAC charter on an annual basis
  • Representing unit perspectives and interests


ULAC membership will be representative of units across the UL division and composed of:

  • Chair: Non-voting, ex-officio
  • Deputy Chair: Non-voting, ex-officio
  • Members: Voting, 3-year terms

Terms of service for voting members are for three years, staggered among members, and renewable.

Meetings and Voting

Regular one-hour ULAC meetings will be held on the second Monday of each month. The chair is responsible for establishing meeting times and locations.

A majority of the overall membership represents a quorum for voting purposes. If a quorum is not present, ULAC may meet to hear updates and reports, and convene discussion, but no votes may be taken. If unable to attend meetings, members are encouraged to send a unit proxy in their place with advance email notification to the chair or written notification delivered at the meeting. Votes may be conducted by email, online survey, or other electronic means at the discretion of the chair.

Agendas and Minutes

The chair and deputy chair, with input from ULAC members, will set meeting agendas. Draft minutes of the previous meeting will be attached to the agenda and emailed to members prior to the subsequent meeting.

Immediately after Call to Order, members will be asked if there are any additions or corrections to the minutes. If there are none, the minutes will be approved as submitted. If changes are made, they will be approved with modifications. All agendas and approved minutes (post-modifications, if applicable) will be saved on the UL Assessment website (https://ulassessment.gmu.edu).