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UL Assessment Cycle Policy

The purpose of the University Life Assessment Cycle policy is to ensure that units and strategic initiative teams continuously and systematically measure the extent to which their programs and services operate effectively and enhance student learning and development. At the heart of UL assessment are learning and program outcomes linked to unit- and strategic initiative-level goals that are aligned with divisional and institutional goals, objectives, and missions.

Each outcome follows the same steps along a cyclical assessment path:

  1. Write a new or revised learning/program outcome.
  2. Plan the design, approach, method(s), tool(s), and success criteria to be used for assessing the outcome.
  3. Deliver the program, service, or activity tied to the outcome.
  4. Collect the assessment data.
  5. Analyze the assessment data.
  6. Report and strategize on the data findings.

The UL Assessment Cycle policy consists of three interconnected components, each with specific expectations for planning, updating, reviewing, and/or reporting along the assessment cycle: 1) Annual Assessment Planning, 2) Quarterly Assessment Updates, and 3) Annual Report.

During Annual Assessment Planning, unit heads work collaboratively with their staff to identify a set of goals and KPIs for the upcoming academic year.  These planning goals and KPIs can be new, revised, recurring, single-year, and/or multi-year. In May, the UL Vice President and Executive Director of UL Operations and Planning review draft goals and consult with unit heads. A complete assessment plan includes the following (template forthcoming):
  • 3-5 Unit Goals, each aligned with a divisional Goal
  • 1-2 Outcomes for each Goal (Cycle Step 1)
  • 3-5 KPIs
  • Outcome contact, method(s), timeline (Cycle Step 2)
Each unit head appoints one Tk20 Contact, who is responsible for entering the Annual Assessment Planning requirements into Tk20 between July 16-August 16.

Timelines for all three components revolve around the academic year and are aligned with divisional and institutional deadlines (Open UL Assessment Planning and Reporting Timeline PDF or click on pages 1 and 2 below.).

Below is a mapping document of the division-wide learning outcomes for planning purposes.