Assessment and Research Consulting

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One way in which UL Assessment promotes a culture of evidence is by providing consultations with UL staff on assessment and research projects. Assessment projects include any effort to collect, analyze, and interpret data to determine effectiveness of programs or services and to make improvements. Research projects include any effort to collect, analyze, and interpret data to guide theoretical foundations, to contribute to generalizable knowledge, and for publication purpose; the scope of research is broader than a single program or service.

An assessment consultation allows UL staff time to pose questions, solicit feedback, or work through challenges. During an assessment consultation, UL Assessment can provide guidance in:

  • Conceptualizing outcomes
  • Identifying strategies to measure outcomes
  • Developing surveys, rubrics, and other assessment instruments
  • Analyzing and visualizing data
  • Connecting assessment with actionable results

In a research consultation, UL Assessment provides guidance and clarification:

  • Helping differentiate between an assessment project and a research project
  • Reviewing requirements and protocol specific to research projects
  • Advising on RDIA/IRB exemption criteria
  • Facilitating the RDIA/IRB application and review process

To request either type of consultation, complete the online UL Assessment and Research Consultation form.

[FORM COMING SOON: Please email for consultation requests.]