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The Office of University Life Assessment seeks to provide UL staff with professional development opportunities that develop and enhance their assessment skills. To this end, UL Assessment uses national student affairs assessment standards and UL staff input to gauge divisional assessment training needs and to design appropriate content.

Assessment standards answer the question: “What do student affairs professionals need to know in order to do assessment?” UL Assessment training incorporates ACPA ASK Standards and the ACPA/NASPA AER Rubric, both of which articulate the areas of content knowledge and skills student affairs professionals need in order to assess the degree to which their programs and services are meeting their intended program and student learning outcomes.

Staff input answers the question: “What do student affairs professionals want to learn about assessment?” Input about types of assessment training staff would like is continually elicited from sources such as program evaluation surveys (e.g., UL Student Success Symposium, UL Assessment Bootcamp), UL Assessment consultations and audits, and UL Assessment Committee meetings.

With professional standards and staff input informing training content and organization, UL Assessment hosts an array of skill-building opportunities, including: 1) regular training (e.g., ACT), 2) custom training, and 3) online training.

UL Assessment, with the support of the UL Assessment Committee, offers workshops and bootcamps regularly throughout the year. These foundational- and intermediate-level cross-unit trainings are open to UL staff and require pre-registration.
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