UL Ops and Planning

UL Operations and Planning

University Life / UL Planning & Operations 

The Department of UL Operations and Planning is made up of UL offices and auxiliary services focused on: 

  • Facilitating and managing the Division's strategic planning process
  • Providing and implementing technology tools
  • Cultivating evidence-based practices
  • Budgeting and financial operations
  • Information technology services
  • Management of administrative facilities


2017-2018 University Life Assessment Council Members

NameUniversity Life OfficeULAC Subcommittee
Elysia Lash (Chair)UL AssessmentUL Assessment Policy; UL SLO/Program Review
Julie Kim (Deputy Chair)UL AssessmentUL Assessment Policy; UL SLO/Program Review
Amber HamptonDiversity, Inclusion, & Multicultural EducationUL Assessment Policy
Birgit DebeerstUL Operations & PlanningUL SLO/Program Review
Cordelia BristolHousing & Residence LifeUL SLO/Program Review
Emilie DubertOff-Campus Student ServicesUL SLO/Program Review
Erin HarpineStudent Health ServicesUL SLO/Program Review
Ethan CarterMason RecreationUL SLO/Program Review
Jason NorthrupDisability ServicesUL Assessment Policy
John CicchettiStudent Support and Advocacy CenterUL SLO/Program Review
Julie Choe KimGraduate Student LifeUL SLO/Program Review
LuLu Geza KelemenLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, & Questioning Resources
UL SLO/Program Review
Michael GalvinUL SciTech CampusUL Assessment Policy
Phil McdanielStudent InvolvementUL Assessment Policy
Stephanie LampronUniversity Career ServicesUL SLO/Program Review